For parents interested in having their child(ren) tested for gifted and talented services at Griffin Elementary.


Students in Katy Independent School District have the opportunity to be screened for Gifted and Talented services once a year. The screening calendar and tests are set by the district, and the assessments are administered by a District Test Proctor. The Gifted and Talented/Challenge teacher on the campus gathers the data and the Campus Selection Committee reviews the data to determine acceptance to the Gifted and Talented Program. 

Once a student has been accepted into the Gifted and Talented program in Katy Independent School District, they are considered part of the program through 12th grade as long as they remain in the district.

Kindergarten Screening

Kindergarten G/T services begin the first week of March for approximately 1 hour per week for those who qualify.

To start your student in the Gifted and Talented Screening process, please submit a Parent Checklist. Parent checklists must be turned in by October 11, 2016. No late checklists are accepted.

1st-4th Grade Screening

Students currently in grades 1-4 who qualify for G/T services will begin the following school year.

To start your student in the Gifted and Talented Screening process, please submit a Parent Checklist. Parent Checklists must be turned in by December 9th, 2016.  No late checklists are accepted.

Secondary Screening

Students currently in fifth grade who are not already identified are screened to begin services in junior high school.

To start your student in the Gifted and Talented Screening process for junior high, please submit a Parent Checklist. Parent checklists must be turned in by September 29th, 2016. Please indicate which content area(s) for which you would like your child to be screened. No late checklists are accepted.

Transfer Student Screening

Transfer students who have been previously identified for a Gifted and Talented Program in a different district will need to apply for Gifted and Talented Services.  In addition, they must go through the assessment process for Katy ISD. Screening for transfer students is on-going and must be initiated by the parent within 2 weeks of enrollment. Please inform the front office upon registration, or you may contact Mrs. Elizabeth Mudlong (GT Facilitator/Challenge teacher). Parents will need to complete the Elementary Parent Checklist and provide proof of GT identification from the previous school district.  This can be in the form of a report card, screening profile, acceptance letter on official school letterhead, etc. If you have any test results, you may submit those as well.

Screening Criteria

Qualitative measures include:
  • Parent Checklist
  • Classroom Observation

Quantitative measures include:
  • Ability test scores (normed by age)
  • Reading Achievement test scores (normed by grade level)
  • Math Achievement test scores (normed by grade level)
  • Intelligence test scores (Part of grade K-4 screening only)


  • The campus selection committee is typically made up of an administrator, the GT Facilitator, and a       counselor.  All members are required to have training in the Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners.
  • The campus selection committee meets to evaluate the indicators and determine appropriate placement.
  • No single indicator guarantees acceptance or non-acceptance.
  • Parents are notified of the decision by U.S. mail when all screening is complete.
  • Students who are not identified may be referred for screening again in subsequent years.