Katy Independent School District has a Gifted and Talented program entitled "Challenge". It allows identified students to be taken out of the classroom one day per week to participate in an advanced, theme-based curriculum.


Elementary Challenge/GT services in Katy ISD is based on a General Intellectual Abilities model.  The elementary GT program, Challenge, is a one-day-per-week-pull-out-model for identified students in grades 1-5.  Challenge students leave the regular classroom one day per week to work with the Challenge teacher, who is trained in the education of the gifted. 

Challenge curriculum includes high-interest advanced content, creative and critical thinking skills, research and technology skills, and the opportunity to pursue topics of individual interest.  Each year's curriculum units are connected by a broad-based theme set by the district.  The theme for the 2016-2017 school year is Explorations.


Essential Questions:

  • How is the universe   structured? 
  • How do astronomers   measure the size of   and distance between   celestial objects?
  • How has our   understanding of the   universe changed over   time? 

Archaeology Essential Questions:

  • How does the study of   artifacts uncover the   culture of early   peoples?
  • How do new   discoveries change   our perception and   understanding of the   past and present?
  • What questions are   archaeologists unable   to answer?


Essential Questions:

  • In what ways do   history, culture,   technology, and   environment influence   architecture?
  • What qualities make   buildings and other   structures interesting   and beautiful to people   over time?
  • What challenges were   met and overcome by   innovative architects?
  • What is meant by   "green" architecture?

Challenge Schedule:

Mondays - First Grade

Tuesdays - Second Grade

Wednesdays - Third Grade

Thursdays - Fourth Grade 

Fridays - Fifth Grade* (with Ms. Clements)

Lunch on Challenge days is from 11:17-11:47.  *All Challenge fifth graders will have the opportunity to go to the library.* 

Challenge Release Days:

On the following days, Challenge teachers will be at a district-required meeting so students will remain in their regular classrooms.

10/27/16    (Fourth Grade)

1/4/17       (Third Grade) 

2/21/17     (Second Grade)